Who we are

We are exporters of fresh and dried fruits, herbs and vegetables.


Miyonga products comes from community supported agriculture which means that each purchase goes to impact the livelihoods of the smallholder farmers, their families and overall community.


How we work

We provide farmers with access to global markets by supporting them to grow suitable varieties of crops,
setting up and implementing recognized good agricultural practices and that helps them to produce quality products that meets international food safety standards.

We work with farmers to ensure that they are not only trading in raw materials but we empower them to process
value added products thus increasing their revenues. We believe that smallholder farmers should earn a share of profits from their efforts and so we have a long term revenue model that includes profit sharing with our farmers

Why Miyonga ?

We deliver – We do what we say we shall do and we do it with excellence

Social Impact

Our Responsibility

To address food waste, Miyonga trains smallholder farmers on suitable varieties to adopt sustainable agricultural practices that lead to certification thus increasing access to market. Moreover, use of innovative agro-processing technologies creates value added food products with high market demand and higher market value for local consumption and export, thus reducing food waste.

This is under our CSR program known as Wheeling Fruits. Wheeling fruits is all about valorising surplus fruits and vegetable into dried fruits and fruit powder using a mobile fruit processor.

Miyonga Partners