We hold ourselves accountable to live up to these values in our daily work. We are committed to making a lasting difference in horticultural farming in Kenya.

The success of our customers is at the heart of our work .We produce high quality horticultural products grown fairly and sustainably and under the highest food safety standards. We do this by applying on science-based knowledge while observing our core values of integrity, excellence, vitality, empowerment and partnerships.

We hold ourselves accountable to live up to these values in our daily work.

Integrity - We aspire to earn the trust of our clients and one another by upholding the highest ethical standards.  We strive to do what we say we will do

Quality - We are committed to achieve exceptional excellence in our work. All our products are produced while observing the highest standard of food safety and hygiene.

Scientific based knowledge - We believe that application of scientific knowledge has a role to play   in enhancing food security and health, improving productivity and reducing poverty; with lower environmental and social costs.

Enthusiasm - We are infused with optimism, passion and energy. A person can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in their own toil

Partnerships - Respect and fairness are the cornerstones of business relationships. We appreciate others’ contributions and offer ours with humility.

Empowerment - We strive to ensure a conducive working environment that encourages innovation and learning. We honor our history by learning from the past and embracing new, creative and innovative ideas





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